Hello world!

Well, this thing is finally starting to come together! After weeks of (admittedly intermittent) planning and long, lonely hours of fiddling with the CSS, our blog is almost ready for prime time!

But who are we and why are we here? Let’s start with some quick introductions. (You can read more in-depth bios on the About Us page.)

My name is Sandra “srand” Powers. I am perhaps best known (to the extent that I am known at all) for having been the producer of the MMO game Asheron’s Call a few years back. Since then I’ve also served as producer on EverQuest II, but at this point I’ve broken away from my corporate overlords and gone freelance.

My partner is Eric (no current alias) Heimburg, best known as the producer of the now defunct Asheron’s Call 2. Eric went on to be the lead systems designer for the unreleased MMO Star Trek Online and then went indy — designing and creating a beautiful little casual puzzle game called Starcrossed.

But don’t let our preponderance of management titles fool you. We both started in this industry as engineers (or programmers, or code monkeys, or whatever terminology you prefer) and our job duties have included everything from game code to level design to platform code to community management to system design to pipeline tools to executive pitches to localization to QA to, yes, being the person who updates the MS Project file. We may not be experts in all of these fields, but I like to think that we’re as close as you can get to experts in the broader area of developing and running an MMO game.

And we love talking about this stuff! So we decided that it was finally time to stop sitting around debating MMO theory with each other and instead start debating MMO theory in public — and more importantly, start sharing our experiences and our practical advice on how to deal with these behemoth games. So here we are!

(Incidentally, we are both singly or together available for contract and consulting work. Check out the For Hire page for more details.)

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