Gods and Heroes Canceled

The breaking news is that Gods and Heroes, the first game from Perpetual Entertainment, has been canceled. This news might not come as much of a shock to insiders, but it’s very sad news nonetheless.

I worked with some of these people when I was at Perpetual, and I want to offer my condolences to those who’ve spent years of their lives working on the game. After putting in countless overtime hours desperately trying to get things into shape, this has got to be devastating. Rumor has it is that many people are also being laid off, which is just piling on the bad news for these folks.

If any of the G&H devs are reading this, I’m really sorry for your loss. I hope you land safely, and I hope that you manage to avoid the burnout and serious depression that often follows a closure like this. There’s better opportunities ahead, and there’s more amazing games in your future. Take care of yourselves.

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  1. Azaroth says:

    Condolences to everyone over there.