Champions Online: Please, Fix This, Hurry

I know how easy it is for a game to die early in its life. Asheron’s Call 2 had a promising career as a small but profitable MMO, but that was dashed very early because the game’s chat system broke for nearly three months(!), and due to political concerns with our publisher, Turbine’s engineers were not allowed to fix it. (And, for the record, when we finally were allowed to fix it, Turbine rewrote the entire chat system in a few days, because chat systems are easy, and Microsoft Game’s engineers were dumb as dirt. But I’m digressing…)

Anyway, it is very easy for an early-launch fiasco to turn one of these small-to-medium games, like Champions is destined to be, into a tiny speck of a game. Right now Champions is in grave peril of this happening, and I really hope they fix it.

Champions is not a polished game. It’s got the heart of a really fun game, but it is so glitchy that it can be hard to see that. The only reason any sane team would launch the game in this state is because they have too much pressure not to (from their funders, publishers, or just their bank accounts). So they knew it wasn’t perfect. The game’s dense and confusing GUI doesn’t do it any favors; boss monsters pendulum between trivial and instant death; oh, and half of the game’s abilities are broken or buggy, often to the point of uselessness.

They got the client and server stable, the graphics pretty, and then they launched it, ignoring all those “little content bugs” that are actually huge issues. Been there, done that. It sucks, but you can salvage the game and get a nice medium sized, 300k subscriber base out of it. That’s what you should be striving for now, guys.

I want to love this game. It is an ambitious, Warcraft-meets-City of Heroes, directed game with lots of variety and options and possibilities. It’s a wonderful playground, but with plenty of goals, too. At the same time, it’s also stupidly punitive. As I said, nearly half the game’s powers don’t work, or are so underpowered that they effectively don’t work. But others are so powerful that they simply must be purchased… and the game is clearly balanced around you owning one or more of these potent powers. However, you’re left on your own to discover what works and what doesn’t. So far, so … good! This won’t appeal to the part of the WoW audience who wants more direction and simplicity, but it will appeal to a different audience, one that will explore their little hearts out. But then Champions ruins this by charging an arm and a leg to alter your character later.

My first character is actually ruined. “Telepoet” can teleport, and he can spout poetry, but he does not own a defensive power and so he cannot solo. Alas, I picked his options in the wrong order and I can never afford to undo these changes. Right now, to get him back to a usable point, I’d have to spend 6 times more money than I’ve ever owned. As a final cruel jab, the cost actually scales up with level, so I can’t even save up money to buy it: if I just farm low-level monsters for money, I earn XP which levels me up, and the goal actually gets further away. The character is truly stuck.

My next character is usable, but gimpy. He picked a power that worked great at level 5, but stopped being useful by level 10. When I tried to reset him at level 12, it cost the rough equivalent of Fort Knox’s vault. I can play him, for now, but there’s always a nagging feeling that he’s not as good as he could be. And he seems to be getting weaker. It gnaws at me. Do I really want to keep going with this guy, if he’s going to get ruined soon too? Maybe I should just go back to EQ2.

Cryptic can trivially stop the gushing loss of players: Make it cost next to nothing to reset your character. Call it an Early Player Advantage that wears off in three months (presumably when you have vaguely-working powers, if not balanced ones). Don’t worry, Cryptic, you can take this away again. You’ll get bitching, but not nearly as many people will quit as are quitting now. Talk amongst your team until you figure out the compromise that works best, but here’s the thing: my level 13 guy has 50 silver, and I need to completely reset him. Make it happen. Your post-free-month concurrency numbers are going to make you very sad. Take steps now to buttress them.

Despite this, I have really enjoyed myself in the game. Yes, the game systems are hilariously buggy, and every patch seems to fix two bugs and add two more. And did I mention that half the powers are buggy? But it’s still fun. Really fun. However, I need some insurance against the miserably bad game balance. Cryptic needs to throw players a lifeline here. And fast. If I was producing this game, I’d make this a hotfix patch going out tomorrow.

Other initial thoughts:

After about 20 hours of play time, here are some thoughts that stuck out:

  • I sure hope the designers don’t expect me to read that quest text. It’s too small and the font is too hard to read for more than a sentence or two at a time. Clearly nobody spent hours reading this stuff in game. Headaches!
  • On the other hand, the big green map indicator that shows exactly where I should go? Awesome.
  • The flavor text from NPC’s is great. It’s short enough that I actually read it, too.
  • Here’s an example of the subtle bugginess of the game: The “Speed Boots” travel ability is described as one that is slow to build up speed, but has a higher top speed. The (nigh-indecipherable) “advanced description” of the skill seems to verify that this is so. But Sandra and I raced this power against every other, and it is never faster. (This is what the folks on the forums say, too, but we figured they were wrong. Turns out nope, they were right.) I’m guessing that the data for the ability is set right. But it’s still broken. This particular ability is at least usable anyway. (That’s not the case for most of the buggy powers.)
  • I was going to show you the stats on Speed Boots, but it turns out to be surprisingly hard to take screenshots of this game’s GUI, and I gave up trying.
  • The game works pretty well with a wired XBox 360 joystick plugged into the PC. I could see this being a console success. You know… after another year of bug fixes.
  • When I started, everybody said, “Watch the stats! They’re important!” But stats aren’t really that important, in general. Just TWO stats are important: the ones your particular character template is based on. Most abilities seem to do damage that scales with your level regardless of your stats.
  • This game has tons of visceral appeal. Bowling badguys over with machine gun fire, hitting them on the head with lampposts, leaping away from danger… it’s a FUN play vibe. When your character isn’t gimp, I mean.
  • I don’t think the Public Quests are working like the designers hoped. There’s never more than one other person helping me… the game fails to rally people around these quests.
  • Making your own nemesis villain that then shows up in the game to fight you? That’s awesome.
  • Why did they bother with an auction house when they don’t have time to make it usable? Sorting is by done some internal ID number (as opposed to, say, price); there’s no way to transfer money between characters (even in the bank); and it’s difficult to even find the auction house anyway. I wouldn’t have even known it existed, except some forum trolls were telling people to stop whining about the cost of repairing your character… “Go and make money on the AH, noob!”
  • You can’t make significant money on the AH prior to level 20, or at least I haven’t been able to.
  • This game is a lot of fun to duo with. Sandra and I quite enjoyed duoing (until our characters’ gimpiness did us in and we were unable to fix them.)
  • At this point, I haven’t seen much reason to group up as more than a trio, though. I’d love to get a Sunday afternoon game going with friends, but I’d need fun things to do for at least five people at once…
  • I can’t make macros. That means Telepoet can’t spout battle poetry!
  • This game doesn’t need a punitive death penalty. It starts out negligible but it slowly becomes pretty significant. This is a mistake. The game is hard, complex, and twitchy. Success is its own reward here. I thought the designers really “got it” … until I died a few times at level 15 and realized I could no longer kill the quest boss because I’d gotten too weak. I had to go farm low-level minions until I got my power back. Fail.

Champions: Better than City of Heroes? Yes. Or at least, it will be eventually. The question is, will anybody be left to see it?

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  2. Kiryn says:

    I was finding I was having the same incredible difficulty in the low teens as well, until a patch gave me a free respec, and I got rid of the useless ability I started out with and replaced it with an AoE. Soon after, I picked up a defensive passive and a heal, and the difficulty of the game went in the opposite direction. By the time I got my level 26 power point, I was extremely uninterested in actually spending it on anything since I was already able to *easily* solo two-person bosses two levels above me.

    The quest text gave me a headache too, (who thinks tiny white letters outlined in black on a bright blue background is a good idea?) and I ended up moving my UI scale up so I could read it a bit better — but then I started running into a bunch of UI issues because the game apparently wasn’t extensively tested at higher UI scales, and I kept having to move my UI scale back down any time I wanted to edit my costume.

    Other reasons I stopped playing:
    –Stupid rubberbanding lag that makes me walk up to the same NPC three or four times before I can interact with it
    –The lack of a usuable auction house (I think it sorts items by when they were put up, not by item ID. I’ve seen the same item being sold in two or three different spots on the list)
    –Sending items through the mail causes them to disappear completely
    –All of my alts start with default keybindings

    It’s too bad, too. The game felt like it had some potential, and the gameplay was really fun. It’s just… not finished yet.

  3. Beetlejuice says:

    Just be glad you didn’t pay the life time subscription. Although it’s a decent price if you play over two years, the way the game is at the moment, i think i’ve played less than 20 hours.

  4. Thanks, you just saved me typing for three hours.
    I’ll just sit here and heartily agree, a rare event for this Dwarf.

  5. Yeebo says:

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but during the open beta is was a lot harder to gimp your toon because the game was simply easier across the board. You didn’t need to worry as much about what powers you picked because you could get by with about anything.

    In any case, the current situation where a bad choice on the power selection screen can drastically hamper your effectiveness and no-one can afford respecs seems pretty untenable.

  6. It sounds like Champions Online broke that other cardinal rule: trying to “balance” the game right before launch. From what I’ve read, respecs were cheap and easy during testing, then they increased in price at the last minute. From what Yeebo posts, looks like the game’s difficulty was easier, too, so the “gimp” powers didn’t matter much.

    Sometimes developers just don’t learn. If only there were some competent, experienced developers they could have hired as consultants, especially ones who blog about playing the game…. Funny part is, I live in the general area where Cryptic is. Wouldn’t even have to pay to fly me out.

  7. Mavis says:

    One of my pet peeves from Champions online. I took acrobatics as a travel power because it reflected what I wanted to do – so where ever I go I end up being beaten to death by enraged mobs who seem to take a massive personal grudge against me.

    Which is doubly annoying when somebody flys right over the top – given that some of the travel power negate random ago almost totally – why have random travel agro in the game at all?

  8. Wallishall says:

    Yep, canceled my account last night. The game was fun for 3 or 4 days, but I am not interested in paying 15 bucks a month for a SOLO only game. If I put my money into an online game, it’s going to be an MMO.

  9. Shatterhand says:

    I must say I appreciated this review a lot because it was fair. It highlighted the bad but didn’t forget what’s good. I did a 6-month pre-order, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been leveling quite well with my acrobatic dual-sword-wielding hero that I’ve had in place since the Early-Start period, and even though I have a free respec (which everyone who was in open beta and Early-Start got in compensation for Cryptic’s balance changes), I haven’t had a need to use it. Also, they’re offering another free respec once the player economy issues are resolved, which means that, yes, retconning is going to become cheaper soon. So, while the launch may have had its problems, I have to hand it to Cryptic for doing what they can to address them. I’m not going to wring my hands over the players who couldn’t be bothered to wait it out and decided to quit, flapping their disenfranchised gums the whole way.

  10. Matt says:

    Brian: or, maybe, if they could’ve hired a team of developers who’d already made a superhero MMO, and would know all the mistakes to avoid this time around! :)

    Eric: it feels hard to predict how good this game will be, because you have to troll through the bugs, unfinished portions, and last-minute hacks, and try to figure out what’s there from necessity– gotta ship a little too soon– and what’s design philosophy.

    Regarding retconning/respeccing, yesterday’s patch is supposed to fix it. They’re dumping a ton more money into the economy, and granting a free retcon Wednesday morning.

    Of course, that doesn’t solve the issues you mentioned. How much should you have to grind to respec out of a plain broken power? I like your idea, of keeping respecs really cheap for now, and gradually making them more expensive as the game is fixed.

  11. Matt says:

    Also: create any characters you’re thinking about tonight, so they can gain the freespec tomorrow morning. :)

  12. I had a slightly different reaction to Champions.

    What I noticed was how much of a “fast action” console feel exists. Movement fast, fight is fast and furious, typically with 2-4 mobs at once. Trying to keep a group together when different people have different travel powers and fighting methods is exhausting. I’m not sure this is better or worse than other games, but it’s definitely different. On the plus side, it should help with the Xbox360 audience. On the minus side, grouping is such a pain you only try when it’s absolutely, positively, unavoidably necessary.

    I suspect a lot of MMO traditionalists may not catch onto the “touchy” nature of some powers. For example, I have an acrobat melee fighter because the travel power is enormously useful in PvE fights. However, learning to jump effectively takes a ton of hand-eye coordination (after 20+ hours I’m still learning). Reminds me of the touchy steering in PS2’s Gran Turismo. For example, depending on how long you hold down a which keys and how fast you’re moving when you take off, your jump height and distance WILL vary dramatically. You can vary it further with additional key inputs while in mid air! In fact, you pretty much have to lightly tap a “move back” key in midair to achieve high jumps onto surfaces a short lateral distance away (like going from the sidewalk up to a 2nd story rooftop). In theory you can jump onto telephone wires and run along them, or into trees, but I haven’t come close to mastering that since the hit-detection surfaces are very tricky to learn. On the plus side, I have learned how to leap straight into the middle of a group of enemies, which is perfect for triggering an AOE melee attack that mows them all down. Of course, sometimes I misjump and end up with problems to solve – emergent gameplay, I guess.

    Similarly, with melee weapons, I found I had to adjust the user interface five ways to Sunday before I was truly effective. I turnedoff some defaults and changed others dramatically. It took about 5-6 hours of experimentation. In the end, my twin-sword (AOE) melee fighter is a fast-moving killing machine. This same scheme would be suicide for my munitions character (single target ranged combat) character, so I’m glad the interface choices are unique to a character rather than shared across all characters.

    I do agree that it’s tragically easy to create a failed character. I suspect that in his heart of hearts, Jack Emmert really enjoys building new superheroes. As a result, to him a failed character is an excuse to build a new superhero. However, I’ll bet that many Champions customers are more traditional MMORPGers who expect to gradually develop “their” one character over a period of months, rather than constantly starting new characters until they stumble over the magic saunce.

    Finally, I believe there is a much larger problem with Champions that dwarfs all the polish and retcon (respec) issues. Namely, the way players are galloping through the content. I’ve seen a fair number of characters already at 40 and bored – less than two weeks after launch. The senior members of a guild I was in (briefly) were in their 30s by Sept 20th. How long did Cryptic expect people to remain as subscribers? The financial implications are dire, and may affect the polish we’ll see in Star Trek.

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  16. lmollea says:

    Most of your concerns (money and resetting the powers of your charcters) have been – luckily – addressed quite fast.
    I think that Arnold Henrick got the most important point: too few content, you have to do nearly ALL content to reach max level and nonetheless you’ll reach max level in no time (I’m a casual player and have already an alt at 29, in 3-4 weeks, compared to my 7 months of coh that’s simply completely outbalanced in the opposite direction).
    For the power balance, well, there are games out there that still have balance and useless powers after N years (in a couple seconds I thought of 3-4 powers in coh that still today are simply cosmetic or useless), my only concern for powers is that the flexible system in CO calls for extremely balanced powers otherwise the game will be only a fotm-fest, with people all with the same power selection, meaning that the much emphasized “customization” will simply be a feature on the website.
    But – imho – the most dangerous problem for this game (compared always to cryptic previous work) is that this game is mostly soloable. That is simply the biggest problem of the game.
    I hope they’ll fix it and I see them working hard, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. Bobaloo says:

    Nice review. I finally bought this off Amazon when it was their daily special. I got into the open beta early but didn’t think it was worth $50 at the time.

    I like the game but the power bugs are annoying.

    As far as respecs go I have a trick.

    If I am pretty sure I want to respec out of a power or will change it frequently (travel powers) I will undo that power and pick it last. That way they stay on top.

    It doesn’t always work but it usually helps.

  18. Peter says:

    We told them pretty almost the same things during the closed Beta, and were ignored. I know they can’t cater to everyone’s whims and fancies, but your thoughts were very common feed back during the beta process, and very little was addressed during beta as the developers worked on their vanity projects.

  19. Taurus1974 says:

    So Negative..

    Cryptic is working very hard at fixing the issues and they are listening to the community.

    Give them a break..

    the game is lots of fun.. if you have a gimped hero, then make a new one, it doesn’t take long to get to the 20’s.. sheesh..

    I have a gimped Might character.. might sucks.. period.. dies faster than any other.. but hey, i play it a bit, and just play my other toons..

    The game will be so much better once they have a few months under their belt..

  20. Hemtroll says:

    IMO, the problem with CO is that it’s run by Cryptic. I’m a long-time CoH player and I remember the awful decisions Cryptic made when it was their game, nerfing left and right, hiding numbers from players and freaking Jack Emmert. I went into the CO beta with an open mind (although slightly biased because I have no respect for the joke of a company that is Cryptic) and I came out less than impressed. The game punishes people for teaming and plays more like an massively singleplayer online fighting game with an option to team than an MMO. I really don’t how people compare CoH and CO because in the end they are completely different and the only thing they have in common is that you can be a superhero.

    CO could have been really good if it hadn’t been for the fact that it’s run by Cryptic, they obviously learned nothing from CoH judging by the awful WoW UI, horrible teaming and rampant nerfs going around for whatever reason. Having said that I do realise that the game is only a month old but I very much doubt that they can pull it out of its downward spiral because Cryptic is the same awful company they were a couple of years ago and probably won’t get their act together in time.

    On a related note I applaud them for taking on Star Trek Online, the nerd rage will be immense if they do to that game what they did to CO.

  21. Emikandi says:

    “This game doesn’t need a punitive death penalty. It starts out negligible but it slowly becomes pretty significant. This is a mistake. The game is hard, complex, and twitchy. Success is its own reward here. I thought the designers really “got it” … until I died a few times at level 15 and realized I could no longer kill the quest boss because I’d gotten too weak. I had to go farm low-level minions until I got my power back. Fail.”

    All you have to do is donate to the homeless to get your stars back. Doesn’t cost much either.

  22. Eric says:

    Emikandi – this is good advice. When I wrote this post, though, I earned about 5 silver a night, which made the price for donation way too expensive. Now that you earn several gold per evening, it effectively negates the death penalty entirely.

    Since they didn’t SAY they intended to obsolete the death penalty, I’m guessing this is something they overlooked, and the price for donations will go way up again soonish.

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  24. Ben says:

    To be fair, it’s pretty hard to mess up your powers. It’s fairly obvious that you need to take a defensive since most players are WoW vets and they KNOW that you need to put your buffs up to defend yourself. Most of the offensive powers are pretty balenced now, but players that pick the ‘most optimal’ powers end up stretching there stats too far and can’t get there stats high enough.

    The game is good, but you need to think a little bit ahead on all things. I am at level 19 at the monent, but I have picked all the powers I am going to take and in what order. I can’t even get Telekenisis working well, so I really don’t understand where all the negative stuff is coming from in this review. There are faults, like content gaps and a few quests are a bit buggy at times, but it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as is being made out here.

  25. Mike says:

    To be fair, it’s pretty hard to mess up your powers. It’s fairly obvious that you need to take a defensive since most players are WoW vets and they KNOW that you need to put your buffs up to defend yourself. Most of the offensive powers are pretty balenced now, but players that pick the ‘most optimal’ powers end up stretching there stats too far and can’t get there stats high enough.

    1) First off its not obvious that you need to take a defensive
    2) Offensive Passives are not balanced at the moment.

  26. Eric says:

    Ben – I think it’s so far from being obvious as to be a secret. If you needed to take the passive in the first 8 levels, maybe you would be able to figure out “Damn, I need me some defense”. But no, the monsters just suddenly get dangerous and leave you bewildered and dead over and over.

    Also, it is astonishingly easy to pick useless “defensive” powers. The archery power that lets you somersault backwards three times looks cool. And it says “Buffs your avoidance by 10%!” on the text. Seems useful, right? Well no, not if you’ve played long enough to know how avoidance works. But that’s a power the game prompts you to take at level 5. Just one of scores of examples of useless crap you can take on accident.

    I actually think that most players will be completely thrown off by something else: the need to take powers outside of your “class”. Coming from a WoW background I assumed that my Telekinesis “class” would be where I should take all of my abilities, unless I wanted to be some sort of gimpy dual-class. THAT is the assumption WoW players bring to the game, and it gets them killed.

  27. Truth says:

    CO is a good game that had the potential to be a great game. However, Cryptic screwed it over much as they have consistently done with their other projects.
    They got off on the wrong foot by promising Champions with the label and then delivering Marvel Online with a Champions skin.
    Then they thought it would be smart to troll COH’s forums and game to recruit customers. BAD FORM to say the least.
    Then they did radical redesign of the game on launch day with no explanation to players. They should have worked out balance issues during the CLOSED BETA, and been hammering out network issues during the OPEN BETA.
    Instead, they saved all the hard stuff for the OPEN BETA and didn’t hammer out the basic stuff until weeks into live. So now, we have a game that at least 75% of the initial fanbase has abandoned in the first month of subscriptions – and the other dedicated fans of the pen and paper game like myself holding onto a lifetime subscription wondering if the game will last 2 more months.

    The zones are dead folks. It’s hard to find a few thousand people logged into the servers at peak.

    This game is over before it began because of dumb policies from people who didn’t learn from previous bad policies they have made. I just hope that my lifetime subscription will carry over to the Star Trek game, because if it doesn’t there is going to be hell to pay.

  28. Jethric says:

    I’m torn in my reaction to this article and the comments. I am a casual CO player and AVID CoH player. I’ve been playing the Champions PnP game since it’s release at Pacific Origins in 1981, and stuck with it through all it’s changes, including the new HERO 6E rules, which could exist because of the sale of the Champions IP to Cryptic to base their SuperMMO on.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much of my feelings about Champions Online is due to my love of the original IP, my shear joy that comes from playing a Superhero MMO, or what. But I keep wanting to see the good in CO. It has succeeded at a great many of it’s promises. It IS a darn good rendition of the Champions IP into a MMO existance. This existance WORKS for this IP. And that is a good thing.

    And then there’s the overall ‘feel’ of the game play. It comes across very high energy, and high action. It also comes across like it’s taking the core of all that makes Blizzard’s WoW work. For example, the average player, early on in the game, will be picking up quests left and right to do, such that he starts to have to pick and choose what to do, and a lot of the quests are interwoven such that while you are working on a Defeat Named Mob B, you have collected all the items from your Collect X Items quest, and likely defeated all the mobs for your Defeat X MobAs quest. Until you reach around level 12 or 14 (at the speed of things right after launch, anyways) you always have things to do and you are always coming across more people with ‘!’ above their head ready to give you more to do.

    Of course, then you come to a screeching stall as you try to find what to do at level 13 other than go visit your crafting stores in the City. All the while traveling through areas with mobs that are at least 2 levels above you, and maybe more. And if you try to find something to do at your level in Canada or the Desert, you find that everything outside that area you just finished appears to be level 20 or worse.

    And all this is especially hard if you managed to miss taking a passive defensive power, as you spend a lot of your time hugging dirt. So yes, I would say that there is power balance and content issues. But no worse than any other MMO I’ve played in it’s first couple of months after launch.

    Part of my personal problem (and one that keeps my wife away from the game) has been mentioned in the comments, above… random ‘travel agro’. You’ve picked a non-flight travel power and it seems that EVERY mob in creation between the quest giver and the area that the wonderful green (or orange) circle shows seems to want to swarm you as if you were carrying the football in the superbowl and they the opposing team. And since ALL attacks always hit in CO, and BEING hit turns off the fastest level speed of your travel power like they are all shooting glue guns at you, you DON’T get where you are going very fast. (Yes, I took acrobatics, not flight. I LOVE CO’s Acrobatics… but I wish I had taken flight no matter how out of character it is.)

    My wife had it worse. We choose Canada as the starting area. And the Open Quest for that area is smack dab in the middle of the BASE such that friends turn into zombies and start chewing and attacking everyone in the area… most likely that newbie just trying to get to the Powerhouse door to get his travel power, or that newbie rising up in the resurrection circle because some other zombie was too much for them. AND all of them love agro’ing on ANYONE nearby, even if they never even looked their way.

    NOT a good newbie experience there. Yes, the open quests are good. But what gave them the idea to have one in the middle of a presumed ‘safe’ area like the Powerhouse entrance??!

    Anyways. Last thing then I will quit boring my readers… maybe:

    The biggest problem I have with Champions Online is that places where you can pause and catch your breath or leave your character standing there while you hit the loo, are few and far between. When you are playing PvE in Champions Online, things are always HAPPENING. They don’t stop because you have to. This is a ACTION game. You pull or jump into one group of mobs out in the world, it is VERY likely that during your fight, even purely solo, some other mob is going to come along and get on your case. And if one runs away from you, he’s going to come back with friends. Lots of them.

    I get so stressed out, sometimes, playing CO that I have to just find myself into someplace safe (like the INSIDE of the powerhouse) and log out… go do something else. Maybe play some facebook game or something. Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing… but with Champions Online, if I want to play, I have to be ready to give it 95-100% of my attention, and be ‘on’. Not even time to properly type for a little superhero roleplaying and emoting. No time for witty banter while fighting. Sorry, too busy. And team up with others?!? Hell No!, that would just make it WORSE and demand 110% of my attention.

    I -want- to like Champions Online. I am a ‘Lifetime’ subscriber. I love the IP. I love the graphics. I want to play. But the game keeps pushing me away. I’m going to stick with it, but it’s sure not taking me away from City of Heroes any time soon.

  29. Lindsey says:

    On the retcon pricing: They left it broken like that for nearly a month because they were always intending to do what they did today. Put them in the cash shop for $12.50 a pop. Per character. I think it is pretty durned shifty of them, but if they had left retcons nearly free and easy and then jacked up both resource and real money prices they’d be in for another serious disaster.

    I want to like the game, but a lot of things mentioned above plus the teaming system’s brokenness really hampers that.

  30. Domino says:

    […]And I’ll restrain myself from talking too much about Champions Online too, various existing reviews and blogs pretty much sum up my experiences[…]

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