New Year, New Method

Eric and I have a blog. Who knew, right?

Well, you probably did – you are reading it after all.

Anyway, we’ve been posting here for over three years now. Our posting rate has never been astronomical … and it’s slowed down over time.

Ironically, despite our pride in our live team experience, we’ve fallen into a typical development trap: We’re reluctant to publish any post until we’ve not only polished the hell out of it but also smoothed every corner, addressed every edge case, and marshaled answers for every potential question or comment we can think of.

This leads to massive overblown posts that take us ages to write. Often they aren’t a lot of fun to write, so we put them off … and off … and off. Worse, those posts don’t leave a lot of room for discussion. Without discussion we might as well be publishing a static web page instead of writing a blog.

So we’re going to try something different starting now. We’re going to deliberately post shorter, less polished, less complete posts. We’re aiming to post more often and we’re hoping for more discussion from you, our four loyal readers.

And like a good live team, if our work doesn’t help us towards our goals then we’ll analyze the data we’ve collected and try something else.

Happy 2011, and thank you for reading!

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11 Responses to New Year, New Method

  1. Noah says:

    Nothing like the new year for a little reflection. I think the new turn will be amazing; you guys are amazing writers. Stream of consciousness always leads to more interesting articles–even if they aren’t terrible[sic] polished.

  2. Chris Ennen says:

    The second reader of your blog approves of this idea. What ever happened to your experiments with Unity?

  3. David Lennon says:

    Sounds like a good change to try. Looking forward to it!

  4. Andrew says:

    Blog posts don’t have to be perfect, so this sounds like a good path forward =)

  5. Matthew says:

    I know I will be looking forward to more posts. I always learn something new and interesting when you publish an article.

  6. Amit Patel says:

    Looking forward to it! I’ve had the same problem myself…

  7. Eric says:

    Chris Ennen – lots of things happened with Unity… hmm thanks, you gave me some more topics to blog about. :)

  8. Mike Grem says:

    You have more than four, some of us just lurk!

    Either way, looking forward to more posts. I enjoy reading your blog immensely already, and this can only make it better. =]

  9. Mitch Evans says:

    Never stop posting.

  10. chabuhi says:

    Um … ahem? Five. Five loyal readers, thank you very much.

  11. werelord says:

    just like agile.. iterate early and often.. :)