Try My New Game

If you like adventure games or survival-horror games, you might like The Premature Death of Christopher Combe. It’s a completely free indie title written in Unity. (So you will be prompted to download the Unity plug in to play it in your browser.)

I made this game for the Kongregate Unity Game Contest. It’s been a long time since I created something just for the fun of doing it, and it’s been a great reminder about what the point of making games is all about. I’ll have to make more time for crazy solo projects, even if it’s just short-form single player games like this one.

This experience also points out the incredible value of a deadline. I’ve been feverishly polishing the game for a while now, and I could keep on polishing it for forever. I mean, the decorations alone could take up another week. But the deadline is tomorrow, so … game’s done!

This strict deadline meant that all the remaining issues needed to be triaged and carefully chosen — there’s not enough time to do it perfectly.

But that’s just it — there’s never enough time for perfection. I’m already way behind on my obligations because I postponed them for a few weeks to focus on this game, so even if there wasn’t a contest deadline, I couldn’t keep working on it. Instead, I would just put the game in storage until that future day when there’s more time. There’s never more time.

The producer’s mantra is “SHIP THE GAME!” but sometimes it can be hard to follow that mantra when you’re not in a team environment. But it’s still just as important.

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4 Responses to Try My New Game

  1. chabuhi says:

    That is REALLY fun! I haven’t played far (at work right now) but I can’t wait to give it a proper run when I get home. Any chance you’d give up something of the process building it? I’ve got Unity collecting dust because I can’t do much with it. If I could poke my head around under the hood of a game I’d be able to figure out pretty quickly how things work. Totally understand if you don’t want to.

  2. Mike Grem says:

    I also didn’t play too far yet (Kongregate went down last night when I had the time to play it…), but from what I did play it was interesting. It got me wondering about using Unity for sure. Where’d you get your art from, Eric?

  3. Eric says:

    The art is from six… possibly seven different companies. For instance the skeletons are from, the heroine is from another place (I forget off hand); the flowers were a bundle on… and on and on :) Finding art that was reasonably similar took a lot of time, but didn’t cost a whole lot.

    Unfortunately I can’t release the game source because the art is all licensed… I’d have to strip it all out and plug something else in to give you something that runs. I’m a little frayed on the game at the moment — spent a whole bunch of hours on it back-to-back — but hopefully when I’m less burned on it I can come up with something.

    In the meantime, the Unity tutorial that has you create a 3D platform game is really good, and teaches a lot of the basic features better than anything I could do!

  4. kaozz says:

    Very cool little game! I played it a bit, gotta sit down and try it when I have some more free time. It’s really interesting, nice feel to it.