The first exploiter?

No real post this week — I just had a very productive week of development but now I have to switch gears to non-MMO stuff for a week… will be back to the MMO next week!

In the mean time, here’s a quick MMO update I made on Google+. The graphics are in low-res mode, and yes, that’s a wolf diving through the air in a very unlikely (buggy) manner. But things are coming along!

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3 Responses to The first exploiter?

  1. That spell needs to continue to be called “summon battle deer” when this project goes live. :)

  2. Jonathan B says:

    I concur with the Armadillo. Summon Battle Deer is just awesome.

  3. Bronte says:

    Not that I need to with a name like “Summon Battle Deer”, but you know it has my vote as well.