Howl Sound Effect

Quick question: does anybody know where I can buy a wolf-howl sound effect that can be used in commercial applications? There are some on and I’ll use those if need be, but the clean ones (with no background noise) are 7 seconds long… which is a whole lotta howling when you’re sitting there as a werewolf. The shorter ones have too much background noise to work.

Development notes:

I finished the pre-alpha checklist for werewolves tonight. But I’m tempted to keep working on them. I’m thinking of adding a tracking/hunting skill that works kind of like cartography in AC2 (which is a kissing cousin of archaelogy in WoW). But that’s not on my pre-alpha checklist, so I’m managing to resist implementing it for now… I have more basic stuff to do! Like, say, making the mini-map work right, or letting you trade inventory items, or adding more than one character art set, or…

But I’d also really like to get werewolves more fleshed out. They’re one of four or five “big choices” available to players. These are things like becoming a paladin, selling your soul to a demon, becoming a vampire, etc. Big decisions, not the sort of thing that you turn off when you don’t want it. These permanent, game-changing decisions help you identify and bond with your character.

For these to work, each of them is going to need some unique systems that make them play differently. And werewolves aren’t quite in the right ballpark yet. Until I feel like it’s there, I feel kind of lost… like I don’t understand what I’m really making here.┬áSo I’m warring with the desire to keep prototyping, versus the desire to flesh out the general game mechanics so that you guys can get in here and poke around.

It’s tough. I really don’t want people to see it in a shoddy state — first impressions are important! I’m not expecting it to be any good at first… but it needs to be just good enough that you can intuitively understand that “some day this will be a real MMO.” I’m almost there, it just needs a bit more polish and a week more of bug fixing. But I might also be “almost there” with werewolves’ game mechanics… so close… maybe just this one more little bit! Or maybe a few more iterations…

And this is why so many game companies just steal other games’ mechanics. Inventing new stuff is incredibly time consuming, and you never really know when you’re done until you get there.

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  1. error says:

    check out

    Their wolves acted in several cinema and tv productions and Im sure you can
    get a fair price for an ambitient project.

  2. Tiber says:

    I don’t know anything about the howl sound effect, but were I in your position concerning werewolves feeling lackluster, I would switch gears for a while. It can be much easier to make decisions and spot problems once you’re refreshed, and it might help to have something else developed that you can compare it to and can differentiate it from.

  3. Rauxis says:

    some more sources – if you need help with German send me an e-mail – 9EUR for commercial usage

    And there will be always something missing, so get the basics running, start the Alpha as soon as possible and get feedback – otherwise you risk to invest dev time for things that are thrown out again.

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

  4. I’m not the developer here, and also words like alpha, beta, etc mean different things in the age of today’s marketing/testing hybrid (or, for that matter, in the indie/F2P “beta even though we’re accepting payments”), but isn’t “needs to be fleshed out” the sort of thing that should be true of systems in the pre-alpha state?

    If I had time to test a pre-alpha indie MMO – don’t invite me because I don’t have time to do any more than sightsee – I wouldn’t be expecting something that makes the kind of first impression.

  5. Ahtchu says:

    Along the lines of Tiber. Making progress where there is undoubtedly still work to be done beats out perfecting one thing on the checklist of a plethora.
    Two thoughts:
    – Does National Geographic allow their content to be used?
    – Can you not take the long, quality soundbytes and fade them out sooner than allowing them to run the full duration?

  6. Expert Novice says:

    Hey Eric! Glad to see an urge for a minimal quality.
    Wanted to say though, I don’t think you should worry about the warewolves part too much. I know it’s one of the big five – which I’m guessing is sort of like end game content and thus needs to be done right – so I can respect the urge to “fix” it.

    Normally when an idea I’m working on needs “something” – like I don’t fully grasp it – I usually just work on something else. Most of the time it’s not that I don’t have the right answers, it’s that I don’t have the right questions yet. Like working on fire magic might enlighten you on the warewolf combat math (pun intended) and working on some non combat systems (like… I dunno mounts?) might help you get the right “feel” for the system. And even if there are no questions to be garnished, you need to flow out of your present mindset to find the answers. Binging works, you can dig around until you find the root of the problem, but so does walking away. The answer will come to you.

    If it really bothers you in a few days then you’ll know it’s not just that your worried about your creation, you’ll know there’s something actually wrong with it. I wouldn’t get carried away because one little thing isn’t quite perfect. Get it good enough and come back to it is my advice.

    Remember though, finish everything to a quality standard. If you can’t do that, you’ve obviously got feature bloat. I’ve read up on quite a few games with a great many systems and none of them just “felt” right and the game was a flop. The team was probably never satisfied with anything and let that get to their heads every time they moved on. The total quality must’ve kept feeling wronger and wronger and I bet they stopped trying as hard.

    Oh and most importantly! Just include people you really trust in your closed beta and no one will judge it. Especially here we all know it’s a work in progress and feel attached to it because we’ve watched it for a while. Throw us in there and we will come back, I bet. Do a closed beta and let the players tell you if the warewolf system is broke and hopefully they will tell you what’s wrong with it. beats fumbling around in the dark, anyway.

    You’ll get it either way! Keep it up man we’re all routing for you! Living the dream and what not, Indie MMO – not an easy goal lol.

  7. Steven says:

    love reading your weblog for many years now…
    would love to test your alpha and future releases of project gorgon together with my hardcore gaming and beta tester girlfriend Theresa.

  8. Feral says:

    Could try this, four different howls, fairly clear. Don’t be afraid to use free sounds; even WoW does it! Quite a few free sound effect sites have decent wolf sounds (although verifying the source/copyright is iffy on some of them).

  9. Eric says:

    Thanks for the links, I appreciate it! I’ve got it handled now, with several different howls.