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I realized that if I just publicly announce the pre-alpha login URL here, then I won’t be able to control how many people are in it. I need to let people in slowly enough that I can fix the server if it suddenly explodes when there’s 15 people online or something. So pre-alpha is going to be by invitation, at least to start.

And I suck at keeping track of things. For a while I’ve had a piece of paper with the email addresses of volunteer testers. (Don’t ask why paper, it’s a stupid story.) Anyway I lost the paper and it wasn’t very complete anyway. I think a few dozen people have asked over the months, but now I don’t know who you are. (Unless it was in the past week or so.) I’m sorry. Please tell me again!

Please email and mention these things:Roblox Hack Free Robux

  • Do you want in the PRE-alpha (happening this month, but is not much more than an engine and a few token quests and areas), ALPHA (happening in 4-6 months, with lots more content), or BETA (happening late this year, with final art)
  • If you want to help in the PRE-alpha, what day is best for you (and what time range, if you know it)? I’ll need to take the server up and down during testing and will want to figure out what the best day is for it to be live.
  • Your email address (if not the one you email me from)

Thank you!

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8 Responses to Sign Up For Pre-Alpha/Alpha/Beta

  1. Travis Munguia says:

    I grew up in the Seattle area and used to test games for Microsoft from 1999-2003. After testing games for xbox(before launch) and pc they would offer free software to compensate us for our time. Luckily for me I chose a game that looked pretty interesting called Asheron’s Call ! That was my foray into the amazing world of massively multiplayer online role playing games. Ever since then I have played numerous MMO’s and participated in a few beta’s of upcoming titles I was interested in suchas: AC2(my all-time favorite MMO), DDO, LoTRO, WoW and most recently SWToR.

    Luckily doing a search on AC2 lead me to your site and I would be interested in testing anything that I could provide help and insight on. As I said earlier, I think AC2 was the best MMO that I have played warts and all. The reason is that it found the balance that I think is missing from most of the games that are out today. It was kind of a hardcore game but also was very accesable and fun to play. Very tough to find that balance between fun and challenging.

    Best of luck on this project and hope to hear back, Travis

  2. Ahtchu says:

    Eric, I’m sure you’ve a crapton on your plate, but just curious about getting confirmation emails or something of its kin. Would be good to have feedback that correspondence made it to destination, and/or a list of sorts roughing a timeline to which one could plan to make themselves available for your QA.

  3. Eric says:

    Sorry, yep I will send confirmation emails shortly. I didn’t want to spam people too often so I am getting a forum set up to direct people to (and link to in the confirmation email).

  4. Steven says:

    Hi Eric, was wondering if you had received my email. If not then I will gladly resend it.

  5. Eric says:

    Hmm, yeah if you haven’t heard from me yet please send me another email! I don’t see yours.

  6. I might be in the same boat as Steven. But before plundering your time with repeated sign-ups, I thought I’d ask as a point of curiosity what the response has been like thus far at this stage for an Indie MMO?

  7. Bill says:

    I sent in an email about a week ago, but haven’t heard back. I’m sending it again and just want to make sure it gets looked for. I’m also curious as to the answer to Jonathan’s question about the response so far.

  8. Eric says:

    Sorry about the lack of responses, the pre-alpha is down right now and I keep holding off in responding so that when I do respond I can send you to the live build… I keep thinking it’ll be in just a day or two, but it’s been slipping all week! But soon.

    As for response, I got about 20 people volunteer for pre-alpha, and maybe half of them showed up during the unsupervised playtest week. (Plus another ten that I haven’t replied to yet.) Hopefully I’ll have enough to do some organized playtesting soon — it’s easier and more fun to test during an organized window because more people are on. But my guess is I’ll need all the hands I can get.