Video Diary #2

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3 Responses to Video Diary #2

  1. Anjin says:

    These videos make me exceptionally happy. Can’t wait to try this out for myself.

    And you did all this (minus the art) by yourself?

  2. noizex says:

    Nice progress on this. Just one question, I haven’t read all posts on your blog and I won’t be looking for that exact topic now – now that you’re making game of your own and you have basically no constraints, no people telling you how it should be to make a good business and so on, why do you make it as some totally generic MMO out there. Fighting is standing in front of mob and clicking icons, same tooltips/skills, etc. You have complete freedom to do something unique, why repeat the same, boring patterns?

    I, for one, am so fed up with generic MMO style that poisons the market for many years and that started with WoW success, that I can’t even force myself to try any recent MMO game because I already know what it will be like – THE SAME.

  3. kalamona says:

    There are mmo-s that use FPS combat (Fallen Earth), some that are more actionish (TERA probably?), but I think that most people actually like the wow-mechanisms with skill icons and such.