Video Diary, First Attempt

Here’s the first attempt at a video diary. (I actually did like ten takes but this is the least rambling one.) This whole “video” thing will take practice… I have a habit of constantly moving my mouse while I talk or think, and I do that in the video… it’s really distracting in places as I pointlessly change the camera angle.

So I’ll work on that, and the framerate lag (which didn’t happen in-game, just in video), and so on. But ya gotta start somewhere…

This video shows some behind-the-scenes of developing a new dungeon.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

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2 Responses to Video Diary, First Attempt

  1. nikolai says:

    I would love to see live stream ( Could you honor us with such a treat D: ?

  2. Eric says:

    Hmm when I do another dungeon I could do that… I’ll have to look into that, sounds interesting :)