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Can you take a second to like Project Gorgon on Facebook? I just need a few more likers to get a non-hideous URL!



Note for pre-alpha testers:

Also, I know the forums are down, and I’m sorry about that; they were infiltrated by a robot hacker program and I had to shut the whole thing down until I have time to reinstall. The experience has made me really want to write my own forum software — in fact, I already have a nice clean forum written for a different website, but I haven’t had time to make it general-purpose so I can use it. Every forum package out there is just… so damned bad. So bad. Hate them.

I will get it back up soon though! I’ve successfully resisted the urge to write my own forum. For now.

Lots of new stuff in the next update, which has taken forever, but should be noticeably awesomer. Will get you details on that soon, when it goes up!

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One Response to Facebook me!

  1. JP-9000 says:

    I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now, and it’s consistently been a great read, both from the viewpoint of a hobbyist game designer, but also a gamer pretty fed up with the current state of MMOs. Anyway, just wanted to say: keep up the good work, I’m eagerly waiting to hear what you come up with next. :)