Kick Assist

Many thanks to Magic Pixel Games for picking us as one of their three Kick Assist candidates this week! If you’ve got a second, could you vote for us? Every bit helps! Thanks again, and I’ll have a new video diary up later today.

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8 Responses to Kick Assist

  1. kdansky says:

    You should write to rock, paper, shotgun to get included in their weekly kickstarting feature.

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks! I love RPS so I already had that one on the list. Does anybody know of any Mac versions of the same sort of site?

  3. Drummond says:

    I voted for you guys.

    Recently started playing Asherons Call and boy, how I miss the features of old school games.

  4. tad says:

    I would also suggest you ask people to tweet info about #projectgorgon and #kickstarter on twitter and write to to do a profile of you and srand.

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  6. tad says:

    Hey if anyone is a poster on RPS forums maybe they could put up a gorgon thread? I just checked it out and saw that there’s some other kickstarter project threads – I’m not a poster there and didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ who just registers to sell one project.

  7. Ken says:

    I voted, hope it helps :)