Kickstarter is Live!

We’re kickstartin’! Please pledge if you can. We tried to make the rewards as fun as possible.


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22 Responses to Kickstarter is Live!

  1. mooklepticon says:

    Awesome. I’m in once I get paid! I’m glad they give KS’s 30 days.
    I love the 2nd tier friendly option. If I can, I can convince a richer guy to buy me in!

    PS. What, no stretch goals?

  2. Sandra says:

    If it looks like we might actually make it, we’ll add some stretch goals. Right now Eric is off hyperventilating that *anyone* has pledged any money. :)

  3. Rauxis says:

    the gap between 500 and 7500 is a bit high :(

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

  4. Sandra says:

    Rauxis: Suggestions are welcome! Especially since we can add more rewards. But we’d need to get some pretty compelling rewards for say, a $1000 pledge … any ideas?

  5. Conor says:

    $1000 = all previous rewards, plus you (and a friend? and two friends?) will receive priority invites to alpha and beta tests and lifetime Gold access. :)

    What do you think about revealing more of the game’s crazy/awesome ideas right up front?

  6. Zubon says:

    I became your first $100 backer to ensure that Ethic would be in-game. He wants the player to kill ten rats.

    Can we name a crafting item other than food? “Zubon’s Trousers” seemed like a natural.

  7. Anjin says:

    Hooray! I’m putting my money where my comment is.

  8. kalamona says:

    I’d like to pay some money, but don’t want to use amazon. I have paypal. Do I have any option of donating that way that it contributes towards the goal? Like I’m sending the money to Eric, and he pays it for himself on the Kickstarter. I do not need rewards.

    Email me if it is possible, I was thinking about 50 dollars, so not a big amount, just something.

  9. Jeffrey Tufaro says:

    Just donated! Very excited to play, can’t wait. I love old school MMO’s, and indie? Even better. Awesome!

  10. LazerFX says:

    I’ve Kicked :D Been following this blog for a while – can’t recall when I first found it – but it seems pretty good to me.

  11. tad says:

    How much for a werefox instead of a weretiger?

  12. Rick Phillips says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been following Project: Gorgon and I am VERY EXCITED to see this game finished. I can get some backing for you as soon as I get paid next, but in the meantime I want to help in any way I can. I am certified in Maya 3d, have an AAS degree in Computer Drafting (where I learned my love for 3D), and can do 3D models and textures. See and for examples. Everything in those albums I made from scratch (except the concept art, I used that from Blizzard to create the low-poly house. The paintings in the photorealism set are the work of Hans Werner-Sahm, not sure on name spelling); I have legally purchased Maya, Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, and several other programs to do my work. Let me help, I really want to see this game succeed! Rick

  13. Eric says:

    kalamona – I couldn’t find a way to do that, sorry :(

    tad – We have lore and design for a were-tiger, but we’d be willing to redo it as a were-fox instead. So the answer is… $7500. :)

  14. tad says:

    hahah. I’ll have to think about that one.

  15. tad says:

    I saw you posted something on ign. I highly recommend that you post a lenghty project description about Project Gorgon in the Kickstarter thread on somethingawful forums (lots of eyeballs):

  16. kalamona says:

    Eric: NP, it turned out I already have an Amazon account (when did I make one, no idea…), so I paid some. Also I wrote a mail.

  17. tad says:

    Also, per the discussion of PG on this thread below – I agree with poster Jedra (about 5 posts down). You need to rework the kickstarter a little bit to work in the ideas in this blog so the purposes of the project are clearer to the average reader.

  18. tad says:

    Definately need some more PR as the Kicktraq projection for Project Gorgon has you hat 77% of goal. Again, I recomment posting in the SA kickstarter thread. SomethingAwful is probably the largest gaming forum on the planet and they have fairly active Asherons Call and EQ1 threads in the MMO section of the forums.

  19. kalamona says:

    Also you could try as a method of advertising.

  20. tad says:

    Please do an update to kickstarter making it clear this is not a Turbine engine. I’ve read two different posts on different forums where people are sure this is the AC1 or AC2 engine.

  21. Eric says:

    We actually did add a Q&A question for that, it’s on the main page (“Did you steal this engine from Turbine?”)

    Very frustrating that people think we’ve stolen it. Especially given the vast engine differences (zoned server versus no loading screens, PC+Mac support versus just PC support, etc.).

  22. tad says:

    I appreciate your frustration and yeah I see it now in the FAQ at the bottom of the page. There’s a PG thread on MMORPG Rumor Room forum now if you want to check it to make sure it is correct and a thread on Reddit/MMORPG that needs to be upvoted ;-)