Pre-Alpha’s Getting Better (every day)

Things are looking a bit grim for the Kickstarter… that’s a big number to earn and only a few more days. But we’re doing all we can on that front — and it takes a lot of time, but the thing that’s keeping us up until the wee hours of each morning is working on the pre-alpha.

With the influx of players, we’ve been able to find a bunch of tech issues, content bugs, and stuff that was just really confusing. This stream of data is really valuable, and we’re trying to make the most of it! So far we’ve done at least one game patch each day, and we’ve tackled over a hundred bugs, big and small. Like I said, really productive! (Also incredibly tiring, but them’s the breaks.)

This morning’s version added access to another skill, Staff Fighting, and introduced more tigers (they’re needed for an early quest, but were accidentally quite rare). The temporary werewolf quest was added yesterday, but so far I don’t believe anyone’s achieved lycanthropy… so the title of “first werewolf” is still up for grabs! :)

In addition to more bug fixes, we also have some more skills, monsters, and quests that we’ll be fixing up and tossing your way over the next week — both to entertain you and to test the content out! And we’ll finish the pre-alpha with a bang: a world event where monster hordes attack town.

To the people who’ve played and sent us feedback, thank you very much.

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8 Responses to Pre-Alpha’s Getting Better (every day)

  1. You should probably link to the kickstarter in the post when you mention it!

  2. GRENADE says:

    Confirmed, first werewolf :P

  3. Sandra says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Anthony Thomas!

  4. Eric says:

    Confirmed, we have lycanthropy! We also have a group who took out Khyrulek in the spider tomb! However, thanks to a bug, Khyrulek was unwilling to fully die, so, alas, their victory does not count. Mwahahaha!

    (Bug fix for that is coming this evening, sorry guys!)

  5. tad says:

    First cow to 23 (now 24) ;-)

  6. Is there anywhere specific to watch for server status updates? I feel it might be bad to keep hammering your servers with requests while trying to resume my epic quest for de-cow-ification.

  7. tad says:

    Seems to be inaccessible right now. 3 pm EDT.

  8. Ken says:

    If the Kickstart project doesn’t work out I’d suggest to setup a PayPal account to let the supporters donate the money to help out and you could offer the perks.