Quote of the Day: Humanities

(04:05:31) Eric Heimburg: Hmm. I need to think about the skill system more and figure out how to divvy up content across all the humanities.

<in the other room, Sandra bursts into laughter>Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

(04:05:46) Eric Heimburg: … I… wasn’t joking actually.

(04:05:51) Eric Heimburg: … which I guess is why it’s funny.

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4 Responses to Quote of the Day: Humanities

  1. Brash says:

    I was going to suggest acrobatics, poetry, origami and puppetry if those were not already considered.

  2. Ken says:

    I was thinking of some sort of athletics skill that you would slowly develop as you sprinted or engaged in physical activities. This could increase energy regeneration for instance, or that could be balanced some other way.

  3. tad says:

    The skills are great but you have to make group combat less chaotic.

  4. dakre18 says:

    I would suggest make sure to stablize the primary skills before working on the secondary skills. But getting a good idea designed first isn’t a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing something more like what Skyrim did and offer a way to build housing in a certain area or areas. If that was possible, i know i’d enjoy it! I would think it should work something fairly static, but with plans that can be added/changed in the future. Cause it would be simple to make a foundation a square that goes far enough down to make it look good, but high enough it gives you something flat to work on.

    To me that would be a secondary feature, but there’s not many games that can offer something like that either. I personally would like to see crafting be a little more meaning full. Like goto an actual iron mine, mine a bunch of iron (without the constraints of time for ore to respawn) and maybe expand it further as time progresses (every so many updates, add a section?) that could give possibilities of people mining a cavern and finding a ruin deep down.

    By mining we just created a dungeon with iron ore! :) To verify what I mean, the mining stays static, but during updates the mines can be expanded further to make it look as if we’re really working on a mine, not just an infinite pile of iron ore. That would be awesome to include when time allows. For now I would be happy with ways to harvest materials that doesn’t take people out of their way to go get, and use them to craft with. That can also help with pacifistic type of play where you could harvest, craft, then sell all your products to people. There’s my 2 cents for the day.