Video Diary #3

Here’s a new video! Thrill to the minutia of treasure-item presentation! (Wow, that makes it sound awesome.)

Sorry about the audio volume mixing, gotta turn the volume up to hear well, and then the sound effects are a little too loud. It’s always something.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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5 Responses to Video Diary #3

  1. Gurog Lackey says:

    Wow great work so far.
    I know i don’t post too often but I really have high hopes for your game. I donated a little today also :)

    Just a side question is the pre alpha server down? The unity launcher just freezes on connected then resets to the login screen.

  2. tad says:

    Nice video and I like the NPC system your working on. Thanks for the upload.

    My main issue is with the itemization. Back in the day you had to (at a minimum) cast and Identify spell to figure out what you’ve found. These days ever item has a mass of stats. I think there’s a happy medium in there somewhere – where you don’t immediately know everything about an item, but can figure out a little bit.

  3. Thistlerose says:

    I have been following your progress for about 6 months and was excited to see the posting for kick starter. But after viewing your video I have one concern. Looking at the footage it appears that this is one of the “mature” games where the female characters stand around in their underwear while the male characters get the cool armor. The reason I love playing Turbine games and have been following you and Sandra as exTurbine employees is the way they depict female vs. male characters.

    I understand that there is a large market for games where the female characters run around in their underwear with a few jewels added to make them “magical” but that is not a game I am willing to support. Could you please give some input on how you want the male vs. female characters to be portrayed? I know a number of you will think I am being a prude but when is the last time your wife went to work in just her underwear? Having stripers in a seedy bar is fine but having a fighter fighting without armor because she is female does not fit in a reasonable world.

  4. Eric says:

    Thistlerose: the answer is here: tl;dr: placeholder art.

    Elves (of both genders) are much more sexual than humans in this game. So do expect there to be some additional sexualization of all elves’ appearance compared to humans — that’s a cultural thing for them. But in any case it won’t be as sexualized as this — and I promise no warriors will ever wear stiletto heels into combat. :)

  5. Ken says:

    Nice little video there. Now I want to help test it even more hehehe.