AC2 Returns?!

Wow. AC2 is returning, if you have an active paid AC1 subscription. The client download is going very slowly for me, so will probably be a day until I get in, but this is pretty cool news. Time to see if my memories of the game are anywhere close to reality!

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2 Responses to AC2 Returns?!

  1. Ancaritha says:

    I just bought AC1 so I could play AC2 again.

    I’d like to think this was in small part to the efforts of Oplock and Project Pyreal over at (and the home made server C# code they released on SourceForge in November).

    See you all in game!

  2. Scoboose says:

    Eric there is a torrent for the client that seems to be a bit faster. You may want to try it.