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Twitter Account: I’ve started tweeting each day about the development process on twitter¬†@GorgonMMO. Mostly I post minutia and useless factoids, but if you’re reading Twitter anyway, you could do worse.

Facebook Sucks:¬†(warning: non-MMO-related rant below!) By the way, I’ll probably never do much with the Facebook page, due to how Facebook now charges to make sure posts get seen by my followers. If I don’t pay, only a fraction of followers get the news!

The way they presented this is pretty skeezy, too. They call it “promoting” a post, and say that all I’m doing is paying to get my news to the top of your news feed so it doesn’t get missed. This is only kinda-sorta true.

They actually removed your ability to see your unfiltered newsfeed a while ago. Now you can only see your newsfeed as filtered through EdgeRank, their algorithm for sorting news. If a news post has a low EdgeRank for you, it doesn’t show up in your news feed at all. They make it sound like those posts just get sorted to the bottom of your feed, but actually they take it out of your news feed entirely.

A post’s EdgeRank score is highest right after it’s posted, and then it degrades rapidly after that. So if you happen to view your news feed right after I post, you’ll see it. If you wait too long, my news will get cold and it’ll fall out of your news feed entirely. Unless I pay to keep the EdgeRank high.

This is starting to cause a lot of outrage among business owners, and Facebook’s reaction to their complaints is very frustrating. They say they’re just trying to keep users’ news feeds from being too crowded. But their “fix” is to prioritize the people with big advertising budgets. I’m positive that’s not how any sane person would prefer to have their newsfeed sorted.

My RSS reader has thousands of posts in it, but I’ve never gotten overwhelmed. That’s because it’s not all one single news feed! Why can’t Facebook show me a list, saying “You have 16 news messages from friends, 5 from game pages, 10 from celebrities, 8 from…” and then let me click the feed I want to see first? They made this problem by having a crappy interface, and now they’re “fixing” it by charging me money. Yay.

Anyway, since Twitter and RSS are free, and I don’t yet have a big Facebook following anyway, Facebook can go to hell. I’m not going to spend my time building an audience there and then have to pay to talk to that audience.

I’ll still post big announcements on Facebook, because some coverage is better than none… but I won’t bother with posting the smaller stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention the Twitter account. I’ll have a more substantial blog post soon!

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10 Responses to Twitter Updates

  1. Ben Overmyer says:

    I’d recommend checking out the new Google+ Communities. They’re far less frustrating than Facebook Pages or Groups, and guess what? You see everything posted in them, not just what Google thinks you should see based on some silly algorithm.

  2. Stormwaltz says:

    The FB news feed is useless. It’s not just businesses that are affected – most of your friends’ posts get supressed too. Everything and everyone I want to follow, I add to an interest list. You see every post on those.

  3. Chris says:

    Can’t you link your twitter account to your facebook site to automatically post twitter messages to facebook?

  4. Eric says:

    You can’t connect a Facebook business page to things, you can only connect personal accounts. So I could cross-post twitter to my “Eric Heimburg” facebook page, but that’d just be spamming my extended family.

    There’s probably a third-party program I could use to do all my tweeting through, but I can’t bring myself to care enough to research it.

  5. Xhi says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account, so I can’t respond to you there, but I saw your post about a badge for not eating/drinking that you didn’t have a name for. “Inediate” or “Breatharian ” would both be fairly accurate and somewhat amusing. Inediate might only refer to not eating, whereas Breatharian covers both eating and drinking for sure.

    Links about these ridiculous lifestyles:

  6. Ken says:

    I have been following you on twitter since you started that account for Project Gorgon. I never really trusted facebook because of how it has been run. Twitter is a convenient way to keep up-to-date on things if I get out of the habit of checking the developers website every day.

  7. Eric says:

    @Xhi – wow, Breatharianism is really creepy!

  8. Xhi says:

    Yes, it certainly is, but avoiding all food and water should be creepy! Finding a term for someone who just avoids food and water without any further connotations (like ascetic) or specific religious affiliations is difficult.

    However, if you think anorexic fits, even though it really applies more to food than water, what about “Leptinist” as something non-controversial?

    Another option would be “Aphagiac” (or maybe “Aphagian” or “Aphagiast”), although this might be somewhat insensitive again I suppose.

  9. Telen says:

    Tangentially related to social networking – are there any sort of official or unofficial forums regarding Gorgon that you frequent? I found out about this game fairly recently and while some of the ideas seem completely insane – oh, who am I kidding, that’s why I’m interested. I think that building a community for this game prior to release would be a fantastic way to generate interest. I was sad to see that the kickstarter for this game came and went without ever getting a chance to take part in it, because I was ready to put money down in a heartbeat after reading a few entries here.

    On that note, if you had any plans of allowing for donations I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be interested. Even if it didn’t guarantee alpha access I’d still like to chip in, I feel like MMOs have been getting stagnant and even if some of the ideas in Gorgon are a little out there, they’re different enough that I’d love to see them in action for the sake of a fresh experience. Just food for thought.