Pre-Alpha 3 server is live!

The server is finally live! Visit to log in. Your old characters should still work, if you had any, but I haven’t tested that very well so if you have problems, let me know.

If you’ve never tried the game before, just say you’re a new character and you’re in!

If you have trouble seeing the screen (e.g. it’s very very small) try one of these links instead:×768.html


I’m already working on some bug fixes, but because my network at the office is acting up, I’m doing the builds from home, which means it takes about 4 hours between updates. (Uploading from home is very slow.) So there’ll be some improvements late in the night, but it should more-or-less work right now. Let me know if you spot any problems!


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10 Responses to Pre-Alpha 3 server is live!

  1. Kaldane says:

    Uh logged in and everything in my inventory has red xs over it

  2. Kaldane says:

    Disregard that just took a couple minutes to show up

  3. Eric says:

    You’re the first person to have requested those icons from the CDN service… sorry about that, but everybody else should get them faster :)

  4. Curtis says:

    I never confirmed is it possible to train oneself as a cow to the point you can transform between normal character and cow? Also can I become a Lycan-Cow? Personally if I ust choose I would be a perma-cow but being Cow by day and Lycan by night and only a normal character when necessary to blend in with the populace (depending on what the game does and does not allow me to do with NPC’s / Cities as either Cow or Lycan). Thanks for the info.

  5. Zik says:

    Speaking of being a cow… where do I find milk to be become not-cow? I’m tired of being a cow :)

  6. Ken says:

    I’m having fun, starting from scratch again too hehe.

    You can get milk from other players at lower cow levels. Though it can be hard to communicate when your beast-speach skill is low. Most experienced players will get the gist of it though and some will offer to help. You can make it easier by providing them with empty potion bottles that you can give them, they can fill those by milking the NPC cows (there are 4). Those cows can be milked once per hour, so it will take a bit of patience to manage this.

  7. Zik says:

    Ah, thanks Ken. I thought it might be something like that. Although I’ve only ever seen one other player – I guess my play times are non-standard. It will probably be easier once there are more players around.

  8. Hamburgerler says:

    Will there be a downloadable version at some point?

  9. Eric says:

    Yep eventually there’ll be a downloadable version, but during the alphas it’s too much hassle to maintain them and do patchers.

  10. ThomasS says:

    My original character did not transfer over. I would prefer to play it vs. this new one I started..