Quote of the Day: A Cavalcade of Nightmares

Eric, as he works on integrating the new character art:

“Where’s his head? Oh, down there.”

15 minutes later: “Now his face is gone.”watch full The Great Wall film online

30 minutes later: “Oh God, the eyes! Where are his eyes?!”

15 minutes later: “This should help. Now I have an eyeball extractor script.”

30 minutes later: “So they removed his eye bones. We still have blinking, though – there are still eyelid bones.”

Later: “Now women have their own eyes! They used to share men’s eyes and that was fine, until we removed the eye bones and attached the eyes to the jaw. But women have smaller jaws then men so their eyes rolled up in their heads.”

(and on and on into the night…)

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day: A Cavalcade of Nightmares

  1. Lolin says:

    I have heard that boning is a nightmare. Looks like I will find out, I put in notice at my job so I can finish learning 3D art. I found out that 3DsMax has a three month liscence now so I am jumping on that.

  2. Ken says:

    Hehe, Eric must have weird dreams =p

    Good narrative Sandra :)