Watch movie online 1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016)


Quality : HD
Title : 1916: The Irish Rebellion
Director : Ruan Magan,Pat Collins.
Writer :
Release : 2016-03-16
Language : English.
Runtime : 85 min.
Genre : Documentary, History, TV Movie.

Synopsis :
Movie \’1916: The Irish Rebellion\’ was released in March 16, 2016 in genre Documentary. Ruan Magan was directed this movie and starring by Liam Neeson. This movie tell story about The documentary – featuring a combination of rarely seen archival footage, new segments filmed on location worldwide, and interviews with leading international experts – also uncovers the untold story of the central role Irish-Americans played in the lead-up to the rebellion. Although defeated militarily, the men and women of the Easter Rising would wring a moral victory from the jaws of defeat and inspire countless freedom struggles throughout the world – from Ireland to India.


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8 Responses to Watch movie online 1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016)

  1. David Lennon says:

    It’s like you’ve reinvented the Turbine Engine, warts and all. ;)

  2. David says:

    Hmm… Actually this could be inspiration. Maybe something like Meteorite Golems? Basically rock golems that fall out of the sky when they respawn?

  3. kalamona says:

    Unity automatically adds colliders to all primitives.

  4. kalamona says:

    When created, I mean. Once you removed the collider, it stays that way of course :) but if you make a new sphere, it will have a sphere collider in it.

  5. Ken says:

    Hehe, that looks like a mistake many programmers could make. I did learn that dungeon ceilings do not seem to have collision detection for monsters. I made at least one bear go into orbit down there and the weird thing is.. he came back down mad as ever.

  6. Ken says:

    Oh Eric, I noticed yesterday that two companies are trying to track users of this page. Google Analytics, and WordPress Stats appear to have done some kind of header injection, though I’m no expert on that, but I did confirm it by looking at the html.

  7. Rauxis says:

    Hilarious! But now the question would be … why not put that to use? Like an arcane spellcasting mishap that accelerates your target into a parabolic trajectory. Could be funny both for the original caster and the unsuspecting target :P

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

  8. Eric says:

    @kalamona – hey, how’ve you been? You’re probably right that I just forgot to take it off the capsule in the first place. It just didn’t happen to cause any problems until one day I made the other collider a little bigger, and suddenly they interfered.

    @Rauxis and @Ken – yep, thinking about how to use it. I actually originally had a variety of Weather Witching planned, called “Meteorology”. It let you summon meteors from the heavens. But I decided that pun was too terrible. I might still let you summon meteors though…