Pre-Alpha 3 server is live!

The server is finally live! Visit to log in. Your old characters should still work, if you had any, but I haven’t tested that very well so if you have problems, let me know.

If you’ve never tried the game before, just say you’re a new character and you’re in!

If you have trouble seeing the screen (e.g. it’s very very small) try one of these links instead:×768.htmlTool Online Fast furious legacy Coins


I’m already working on some bug fixes, but because my network at the office is acting up, I’m doing the builds from home, which means it takes about 4 hours between updates. (Uploading from home is very slow.) So there’ll be some improvements late in the night, but it should more-or-less work right now. Let me know if you spot any problems!


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6 Responses to Pre-Alpha 3 server is live!

  1. Tiber says:

    If you want to have plenty of skills, but don’t want too much grinding for those skills, consider cross-training. With cross-training, you define related skills, and then you can learn skills faster when those linked skills are at a higher level. So being skilled with axes makes it easier to become a lumberjack, or vice versa.

  2. Gaius says:

    @Tiber: Ooh, I like that idea. Skinning and Butchery might have a similar cross-training quality with Pathology, and for skinning/butchering creatures of the relevant Anatomy. It may have potential for spinning further out of control than he’d like, but it still feels well worth considering.

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  4. kleer says:

    @Tiber: That is a very good idea. I like how a system like that could give you direction as a newb. Maybe every 10 xp you gain wielding an axe in combat gives you 1 xp for lumberjack. You notice this and begin lumberjacking and 10 xp gained from lumberjacking gives you 1 xp for carpentry, further leading you to more specialized trades. Or maybe I’ve just been playing too much AC2 :P

  5. Tanzer says:

    How might the Butchery skill be acquired as things currently are?

  6. Eric says:

    Butchering didn’t make it into the recent builds, but will be in the next one, going live around Sunday or Monday.