Kickstarter Round 2!

If you’re still following this blog and not the new one, I wanted to point you to our Kickstarter! It’s going to be an uphill battle. We don’t have a famous game developer on the project that would make the game interesting to mainstream gaming press. So we could use your help!

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4 Responses to Kickstarter Round 2!

  1. Zubon says:

    I missed the jump to the new one. Make “the new one” a link?

  2. Stormwaltz says:

    What Zubon said. :)

  3. Aufero says:

    I missed the switch too, but a quick search for “project gorgon blog” got me to what I assume is the new one.

    Good luck with the new Kickstarter campaign – hope it works out this time! (I’ll be playing the alpha meantime – just realized today I’d never tried it out after the last Kickstarter. A few hours in and I’m hooked.)

  4. Eric says:

    Oops, sorry, yeah I just meant — it’s only occasionally game-design related, more nitty-gritty update details. But it’s where I’m blogging right now.