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Kickstarter Round 2!

If you’re still following this blog and not the new one, I wanted to point you to our Kickstarter! It’s going to be an uphill battle. We don’t have a famous game developer on the project that would make the … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on fleshing out Gorgon’s crafting. Originally (like, years ago now!) I’d planned out hundreds of different skills. They made a really cool chart. (I like games with those huge-ass skill graphs.) But when implementing these skills, I found … Continue reading

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November arrives! Notes about stuff

Well that was a quick month… October went by a lot faster than I expected! But we got quite a lot done, and laid the groundwork for a pretty huge November. Here’s what’s going on. Serbule Zone Redone Aaron and … Continue reading

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Racial Game Systems

[Still finding it hard to make time to blog, but despite the silence, improvements are happening at a pretty brisk pace. Speaking of which, Aaron from the LoE team (the guys doing the new graphics update) posted some new art … Continue reading

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NPC Systems and Kickstarter Delays

More quick and dirty design notes! NPC Systems Enhancements – Mood So far, NPCs have only one major variable when it comes to interacting with you: their Favor Level. This indicates whether they love you, hate you, or are somewhere … Continue reading

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Skill Costs and NPC Variables

[ I’m not doing a good job of making time to blog about the design. It takes a lot of time to blog, mostly in the editing. But right now I just want to give you some insight into where … Continue reading

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MMOs as Self-Sustaining Small Businesses

[This blog post isn’t related to Project: Gorgon per se.] I wanted to take a second to answer an email I got. I tried to reply to the email, but it bounced! So here it is as a blog post. … Continue reading

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August Update Still In Progress

Just wanted to drop a note in case you don’t follow the twitter feed. The next update is delayed, and there hasn’t been an update for a couple of weeks, but things are definitely not idle. In fact I’m working overtime … Continue reading

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Falling through the ground

We’ve had a lot of complaints of “falling through the ground” the past few weeks, and I finally decided to find a solution to that problem. It’ll be in the next update! The rest of this blog post is about why … Continue reading

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Pet Classes in MMOs

It’s hard to balance pet classes in MMOs because of competing desires between different kinds of players, along with contentious power variations. So what I’m doing… well, let me step back. Here’s a quick primer on pet class balance! [Warning: … Continue reading

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