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Loot progress

I’m not dead! Just … didn’t really have much to talk about for a bit there. I’m months behind my target date for pre-alpha 3, but I’m now at the point where I could put the game live with a … Continue reading

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More Stuff Happening

Fire Magic Spells! It turns out that almost all the spells in the Fire Magic school were broken in pre-alpha 2. (For instance, the spell that makes monsters take extra fire damage didn’t.) To make matters worse, it was really … Continue reading

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There’s a million ways that vendors could work. After days of playing around with them, I feel like I’ve tried all million permutations. I am well and truly sick of thinking about it. So let me write about it some! … Continue reading

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Milk, Vaults & Ulfoi

Player-to-Player Interactions I’ve been cruising along with infrastructure features, hoping to get a fair number of them in place so that the LoE team can reuse my server tech for more stuff. It’s funny what ends up getting coded first, … Continue reading

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Progress Toward Pre-Alpha 3

Artwork Inbound Just a quick update about where things are at. The Legends of Etherell guys are cranking out awesome character artwork for Project: Gorgon. As I mentioned a while back, we’re going to do something like an art-for-server-tech swap. … Continue reading

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Addendum: Matt’s Idea

On the last blog post, commenter Matt proposed a fairly clever hybrid solution to the death-loot problem that should work well. It uses the “invisible bag” plan, with a clever proxy add-on. I’m going to go ahead and pencil in … Continue reading

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Toward more interesting deaths

New Penalties I’m still mulling the death penalty in Project Gorgon. I’m happy with where we left the Hardcore Penalty discussed earlier, but I’m not happy with the normal¬†death penalty. I don’t want it to be more punitive, though. I … Continue reading

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Twitter Updates

Twitter Account: I’ve started tweeting each day about the development process on twitter¬†@GorgonMMO. Mostly I post minutia and useless factoids, but if you’re reading Twitter anyway, you could do worse. Facebook Sucks:¬†(warning: non-MMO-related rant below!) By the way, I’ll probably … Continue reading

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AC2 First Impressions

I spent a fair number of hours in the beta of Asheron’s Call 2 tonight, and here are my initial thoughts (both good and bad): The world graphics have held up very well. A few textures are really muddy, but … Continue reading

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AC2 Returns?!

Wow. AC2 is returning, if you have an active paid AC1 subscription. The client download is going very slowly for me, so will probably be a day until I get in, but this is pretty cool news. Time to see … Continue reading

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