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Shipping Experience

I keep an eye on the help wanted ads for MMO development teams — among other things, it’s a handy way to see who’s doing what, often before they officially announce. And sometimes it’s pretty amusing to read about who … Continue reading

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Are MMO Bloggers Hardcore?

Random Battle is a blog about MMOs and game development written by an editor from Ten Ton Hammer, a network of MMO community sites. So it’s a good source for keeping an eye on the MMO community meta-community, if you … Continue reading

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MMO Theory Everywhere

They say that artists see inspiration everywhere. Now I’m not going to get into the “games as art” debate today, but I have noticed that I tend to see the world through my own MMO-colored glasses. For example, I have … Continue reading

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MMO Live: How Big is Your Team?

MMO games are notorious for their enormous development teams. We hear stories of 80-person teams, 100-person teams, 150-person teams. But setting aside the wisdom of those numbers, what happens to a development team after launch? Most shrink to some extent, … Continue reading

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What Does An MMO Producer Do?

It’s both a running joke and a truism in the MMO industry that no one quite knows what a producer does. Not only is the job description very flexible depending on the needs of the project, but each company has … Continue reading

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Oversimplifying Your Audience: A Real-Life Example

I wanted to introduce the importance of understanding your audience early so I could talk about the many ways in which we consistently fail to do this simple thing, but I didn’t expect to be handed such a clear and … Continue reading

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Selling Knowledge: Guides as Revenue

Recently, in my other life as a rabid consumer of MMO-related fansites and blogs, I’ve begun to notice the prevelance of ads for paid fan-written strategy guides. But I didn’t think much about the depths of this topic — or … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Audience

Last year I spent some time writing a monthly column for Skotos called Lessons from the Live Team. (If you’re not familiar with Skotos, it’s a bit of an odd bird: a game developer/publisher that is perhaps best known for … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, this thing is finally starting to come together! After weeks of (admittedly intermittent) planning and long, lonely hours of fiddling with the CSS, our blog is almost ready for prime time! But who are we and why are we … Continue reading

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