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Kickstarter: The Missing FAQ

(Figured I’d write this up while it was still fresh in my head…) If you’re doing a Kickstarter project, you’re going to run into weird issues, and none of them are going to be covered in Kickstarter’s FAQ. They seem … Continue reading

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You Can’t Bolster Your Newbie Hose With Self-Indulgence

The latest numbers are in for World of Warcraft, and as of March 1st they were down 600k subscribers. That would ruin any other subscription MMO on this continent, but for them it’s just a few percent. That article goes … Continue reading

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Graphical Upgrades Are Dangerous

You are an older MMO. You don’t look sexy anymore. Your players think a graphical upgrade would help you recruit new players. They tell you how embarrassed they are to be seen playing you and how easily they could convince … Continue reading

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Ready the Meat Sacrifices

Scott Jennings of Broken Toys (whom I still call Lum in my head) posted last week about the upcoming slate of 2011 MMOs. It’s a good post, and if you read this blog I expect that you have already read … Continue reading

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SOE: Reduced to Patent Trolls

Are you kidding me, SOE? You guys are a huge bunch of pricks. You patented my technique. I know you guys have a long history of basically using money to destroy competition, because hey, you have money, why not? Because … Continue reading

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No Seriously, Bobby Kotick Really is a Jerk

So Bobby Kotick said some dumb things last year. Everybody hated him, rar, rar, okay, let’s get back to work. We already knew Activision was super greedy, so why are we surprised to see proof? But recently a weird thing has … Continue reading

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The Newbie Hose Continues to Spurt

Several sources that I read told me today that, during the Activision Blizzard Fourth Quarter Calendar 2009 Results Conference Call (whew!), Mike Morhaime (president of Blizzard) said the following about World of Warcraft: “Our research shows that trial players who … Continue reading

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How to Find an MMO Job That Doesn’t Suck

Someone asked me the other day if they should even bother applying for an MMO job. I make the career sound so crappy in other blog posts… maybe it’s best not to even try? Well, it’s true that most MMO jobs … Continue reading

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SmartFoxServer: The MMO Engine for Indies?

Run Screaming… If I were to tell you that I was thinking of making an MMO with a database-centric design, using a DB to serialize entities from one sub-server to another, you would be in good company if you thought I … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw Out the Subscription Model

If you go to a game conference about MMOs, you’ll hear about how awesome microtransactions are and how they’re the key to the future. They have several huge benefits: Low barrier to entry for new players because the game is … Continue reading

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