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If you’re in the game industry, you’re a chump!

The recent major layoffs at Mythic have caused quite a buzz. Here’s what Mark Jacobs had to say¬†about them: With respect to customer service, quality assurance and play testing, prior to the launch of WAR, we hired additional people to … Continue reading

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Yes, the MMO Industry Really is That Bad

My last post came off as very cynical to people not in the MMO industry — which surprised me, actually, because I wasn’t being as cynical as I feel I usually am! But when calling most companies a “rudderless ship … Continue reading

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Poor Tabula Rasa

[ I know I said I’d blather more about randomness, and then I didn’t post for a month… I have 11 drafts on aspects of randomness, but none of them are good enough to subject you to yet. I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading

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Tabula Rasa Took Too Long

You may have already seen this: NCSoft Austin is being down-sized¬†because Tabula Rasa has not lived up to expectations. These were pretty unrealistic expectations anyway, but that doesn’t make the people who lose their jobs feel any better. Good luck … Continue reading

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Subscriptions vs. Microtransactions

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about how subscription MMO games are on their way out, soon to be replaced entirely by free-to-play MMO games with upsell or micropayment features. I was also reading a post by Seth Godin … Continue reading

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MMO Industry Predictions for 2008

Apparently Grimwell tagged Sandra to do industry predictions for 2008. But she said she was just going to turn around and immediately tag me to do more, so instead we sat down to write a list together. Here are our … Continue reading

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RMT and Fraud

RMT (Real Money Trades) are a big topic in blogs again — as they are every few months, it seems — but I think most people miss the key problem with unregulated RMT. Not too long ago, EverQuest 2 was … Continue reading

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Game Company Failures

I’m a bit late to the party here, but I just read the Eating Bees post about game companies that fail, and the people that cover for them. Her conclusion seems to be that it’s usually easy to find out … Continue reading

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Gandalf’s Magic Beans

I just received a poll from Turbine asking me what premium services I’d be willing to pay extra for. Would I pay $5 for an extra character slot? How about $20 for more pack space? And so on. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Selling Knowledge: Guides as Revenue

Recently, in my other life as a rabid consumer of MMO-related fansites and blogs, I’ve begun to notice the prevelance of ads for paid fan-written strategy guides. But I didn’t think much about the depths of this topic — or … Continue reading

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