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MMO Games and Character Blogging

I’ve recently gotten into game blogging in a big way. And I’m not talking about game design blogs like this one; no, most of my time has been spent in the WoW blogosphere, reveling in the hundreds of personal blogs … Continue reading

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Luxury Services for Special Occasions

Most MMO developers are worried about seeming “money-grubbing.” Whenever they introduce a new pay feature, they are stung by people who say the company is nickel-and-diming them. But in general, this is just another case of MMO developers paying too … Continue reading

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Are MMO Bloggers Hardcore?

Random Battle is a blog about MMOs and game development written by an editor from Ten Ton Hammer, a network of MMO community sites. So it’s a good source for keeping an eye on the MMO community meta-community, if you … Continue reading

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