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The Stamina Bar

[I’m not working on the game this week, instead I’m doubling up on my other work so I can spend a full week on the game next week. But I’ve had one little anecdote¬†bubbling around in my head. Indulge me, … Continue reading

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NPCs as Systems Nexus

My plans for NPCs have been refined a bit. At first, what I envisioned sounds similar to the “Storybricks system” recently announced by Namaste. I’ve abandoned that, now, though, because it’s too convoluted given my time/resource constraints. But there’s a … Continue reading

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Go Big or Go Home

“Go Big or Go Home.” I hate this phrase. But this comic made me realize it’s less intimidating than it sounds.¬† Of course you can just go home! You don’t have to fight every battle. Sometimes it’s smarter not to … Continue reading

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Item Decay Redux

There’s been some great replies to my last post, and I want to thank you for the ideas. I’m still sifting through them and figuring out what I can realistically make work, but I particularly liked these tidbits: The “rune” … Continue reading

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We Can’t Have Nice Things (They Keep Decaying)

[This article is about my upcoming 3D fantasy MMO code-named “Project Gorgon.”] One of the many design elements I haven’t fully figured out yet is item decay. This is a tough one. Item decay is when your weapons and armor … Continue reading

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Alpha Art Woes: Sex-Crazed Elves

[I didn’t finish the blog post that was supposed to go up today, so here’s some gripes about temporary art problems in the MMO I’m developing.] A lot of the art in my game needs to be cheap prefabricated stuff. … Continue reading

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Permanent Character Choices in a Classless Game (or, “Werewolves!”)

Most modern MMOs require the player to make very few permanent choices. Permanent choices cause stress, especially in games where players feel they need to make “the right choice” in order to be successful (or “viable” or “allowed in groups” … Continue reading

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World vs. Game, Emergent Gameplay, and the Fun Loop

[This is part of a discussion of my indie MMO, codenamed “Gorgon” for no particular reason. This week is about some of the earliest questions you have to ask before you begin your MMO.] Realistic or Gamey? One of the … Continue reading

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Punditry is dumb. Switching to developer mode!

Tired of Punditry Sandra and I have run out of steam as MMO pundits. Again. The problems are that 1) MMO punditry is basically saying the same things over and over, but, 2) nobody really knows the secret to making … Continue reading

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You Can’t Bolster Your Newbie Hose With Self-Indulgence

The latest numbers are in for World of Warcraft, and as of March 1st they were down 600k subscribers. That would ruin any other subscription MMO on this continent, but for them it’s just a few percent. That article goes … Continue reading

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