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Twitter Updates

Twitter Account: I’ve started tweeting each day about the development process on twitter @GorgonMMO. Mostly I post minutia and useless factoids, but if you’re reading Twitter anyway, you could do worse. Facebook Sucks: (warning: non-MMO-related rant below!) By the way, I’ll probably … Continue reading

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AC2 First Impressions

I spent a fair number of hours in the beta of Asheron’s Call 2 tonight, and here are my initial thoughts (both good and bad): The world graphics have held up very well. A few textures are really muddy, but … Continue reading

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AC2 Returns?!

Wow. AC2 is returning, if you have an active paid AC1 subscription. The client download is going very slowly for me, so will probably be a day until I get in, but this is pretty cool news. Time to see … Continue reading

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AC2 on The Game Archaeologist

Justin “Syp” Olivetti at Massively interviewed Eric about his experiences on Asheron’s Call 2.

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Please vote my game back up!

The first round of judging in the Kongregate/Unity game contest is by user rating — the 25 highest-rated games go on to the second round of judging. My game used to be very highly rated, but today it went plummeting down … Continue reading

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Try My New Game

If you like adventure games or survival-horror games, you might like The Premature Death of Christopher Combe. It’s a completely free indie title written in Unity. (So you will be prompted to download the Unity plug in to play it … Continue reading

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New Year, New Method

Eric and I have a blog. Who knew, right? Well, you probably did – you are reading it after all. Anyway, we’ve been posting here for over three years now. Our posting rate has never been astronomical … and it’s … Continue reading

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Clever Designs in EQ2

I tend to use EQ2 as my example game a lot, which makes it the butt of my attacks. But I prefer it over WoW or Lotro, so my griping is not intended to dissuade people from trying it. In fact, … Continue reading

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Gods and Heroes Canceled

The breaking news is that Gods and Heroes, the first game from Perpetual Entertainment, has been canceled. This news might not come as much of a shock to insiders, but it’s very sad news nonetheless. I worked with some of these … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, this thing is finally starting to come together! After weeks of (admittedly intermittent) planning and long, lonely hours of fiddling with the CSS, our blog is almost ready for prime time! But who are we and why are we … Continue reading

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