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Hope Is Not a Strategy

Courtesy of Lum comes Adam Martin’s frank discussion about Tabula Rasa. Worth a read. I agree with Lum’s conclusion that Tabula Rasa failed because it took too long, spent too much money, and became incapable of meeting its own expectations. But … Continue reading

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Scaleform: the future of MMOs?

As someone told me at the Austin GDC, Scaleform is a “no brainer for MMOs”, and that’s certainly a common sentiment among MMO development groups. If you’re not hip to the Future Of MMO’s, the lowdown is that Scaleform offers … Continue reading

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Venting The Spleen To Move On

Hi from the Austin GDC, which has just finished. I know it looks like Elder Game has been on hiatus a while, but actually there are posts back here… they were just too negative or unproductive to reach the front … Continue reading

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Critical Mass

An MMO dies when its population no longer reaches critical mass. There is a point in any multiplayer game where the world suddenly feels barren and empty. And then suddenly people start disappearing even more rapidly, and then the game boils down to the … Continue reading

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An intervention

This is an intervention. I’m not blaming you. I know how you got here and I want to help. Look at this list and tell me if you recognize anything that applies to your company. (This is not a complete list, … Continue reading

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Define your target audience

Okay, you’re a PC MMO developer and you are in dire straits. World of Warcraft has ten million paying customers… but everybody else just has a few hundred thousand. Sure, that means you’re making tens of millions of dollars a … Continue reading

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You Really Should

It’s quite common in the MMO industry to run into people who want to tell you: what kind of game you should build, what audience you should target, what business model you should use, how you should interact with your … Continue reading

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How is Crunch Time Avoidable?

A recent post by Keira Peney got me thinking about crunch time. One of Keira’s points is that managers need to work to avoid crunch time. But I’m not sure that’s where it should start. It’s a losing battle from … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of a Dev Team

This isn’t an MMO news site — we try to focus on practical advice, not ongoing drama — but recently Blizzard made a particularly interesting decision that I want to use to illuminate what goes on inside a dev team. … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season: Tips for Holiday Content

World of Warcraft just launched their winter holiday content, aka the Feast of Winter Veil, and that got me thinking about how enjoyable seasonal content can be to develop. But as usual, there are also some caveats. So here, in … Continue reading

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