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Getting the Most Out of a Test Server

Zubon from Kill Ten Rats recently posted about why he doesn’t use the test server. His points, valid or not, are pretty common-place: I’ve heard similar complaints from other players over a broad swath of games. And that’s unfortunate, because … Continue reading

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Shipping Experience

I keep an eye on the help wanted ads for MMO development teams — among other things, it’s a handy way to see who’s doing what, often before they officially announce. And sometimes it’s pretty amusing to read about who … Continue reading

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MMO Live: How Big is Your Team?

MMO games are notorious for their enormous development teams. We hear stories of 80-person teams, 100-person teams, 150-person teams. But setting aside the wisdom of those numbers, what happens to a development team after launch? Most shrink to some extent, … Continue reading

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What Does An MMO Producer Do?

It’s both a running joke and a truism in the MMO industry that no one quite knows what a producer does. Not only is the job description very flexible depending on the needs of the project, but each company has … Continue reading

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